North End Engagement Session // Boston Wedding Photographer

When A & P first reached out to us, we honestly never thought we’d have so much fun running around the streets of Boston’s North End. They were very specific about what they wanted - a North End Engagement Session! 

They are originally from Colorado and were coming to Boston for vacation in mid-May.  They were set on North Stone Church or Blackstone Block. Since both locations are within walking distance from one another, we put together the perfect little route so we could hit both spots and still have plenty of time to stop along the route for some wonderful photos.  

This session gave us so much joy for street-style sessions. You’ll find us running around a lot of forests, parks, and the beach, but the unique charm of the North End brought a whole new energy to our photography.

We started our session right in front of Old North Church. Walking along the narrow Hull Street. The church on the background offered a really unique backdrop and we got to play with some very fun perspectives.  As we navigated the bustling streets we were greeted by so many residents greeting “congratulations” to the couple. It was so fun!  

A & P effortlessly embraced the charm of the North End, creating moments that felt so genuine. The North End's unique blend of Italian culture and Bostonian history created a setting that felt both familiar and friendly, allowing us to capture images that were not only visually stunning but also deeply personal.

Oh, and can we talk about the aroma of fresh Italian food wafting through the air?? We were hungry! And as the sun began to dip below the horizon, we found ourselves in the Blackston Block area where we took the last snapshots of A & P before saying goodbye. 

If you're considering a location for your engagement session that beautifully fuses history, romance, and a touch of urban charm, Boston's North End might just be the place for you. The narrow streets, historic sites, and lively atmosphere provide a canvas for creating timeless memories and we can't wait for the next couple to invite us on a journey through the enchanting streets of Boston's North End!

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