New York City Engagement Session in Chelsea, NY

One of the best ways to get to know our couples (and vice versa) before the big day is to spend a couple of hours together on an engagement session. Even more exciting is when that couple opts for a fun location such as New York City! Whether it’s talking, laughing, playing games, running around the beach, picnicking at your favorite park or watching the sunset - the possibilities are endless!  We’ll have loads of fun, you’ll get to know us, we’ll get to know you and most importantly you’ll have beautiful photos to celebrate this season of your lives. There’s really no better way to get to know your photographer than to be photographed by them way before your big day. 

And we were lucky to be able to do this with H+C, whose wedding will be in Maine in September 2022. As New England Wedding Photographers, New York City is practically home. When these two said they wanted to explore the red-brick residential buildings of Chelsea we immediately thought of Cushman Row, a Historical landmark in New York City. Noted as the finest row of Greek Revival residences in New York, the red row of bricks, the front stairs and the beautiful ironwork in front of the buildings make it for an uber fun walk and exploring!

But the fun didn’t stop there! When you think of New York City engagement session spots, you think Dumbo or Central Park, maybe the Village. This session was a pleasant break from the most popular spots. But don’t be fooled, there were still plenty of epic spots such as The Highline and The Chelsea Pier for us to explore during our time together. In fact, we ended the evening asking ourselves “where did time go”? 

After plenty of walking around those famous New York City streets we ended our session with the most epic sunset at Chelsea Pier. Honestly, we had a blast (as you can see in these photos) and we did not want the night to end! What consoles us is that we’ll be back with them come September at the beautiful Mountain Star Estate Rangeley in Maine. 

H&C, we can’t wait for your big day. You two were such a blast and we can only imagine how fun and beautiful your big day will be! Until then, ya’ll, we hope you enjoy their engagement session below! 🙂 

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