New England Camp Wedding at Camp Ogontz, New Hampshire

Are you a nature lover planning or thinking about having  a New England camp-style wedding? This Ogontz wedding story is for you! Our couple chose the beautiful and rustic Ogontz Resort, nestled within the deep forests of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Ogontoz has numerous accommodations, allowing your guests to stay overnight with you. What better way than to celebrate your special day for a whole weekend with your closest friends and family? That’s exactly what our couple did! 

Your wedding day goes by so fast. It’s months and months of preparation that culminates into only one day with the reception often being only about 4-5 hours. That’s not enough time to enjoy time with your guests. Camp-style weddings offer a unique overnight experience that allows you to spend quality time with the people you care the most. And better yet, camp-style venues have plenty of fun activities. Swimming, hiking, bonfires, canoeing, relaxing and more. These are just some of the things a camo-style wedding can offer.  

We were so honored to be a part of M + A’s day at Camp Ogontz. It was so much fun to see them enjoy their day after already spending time with their loved ones for a few days (a lot of the guests, including bride and groom arrived a couple of days before to enjoy nature and activities at the camp). 

When we arrived at the venue, the couple were getting ready with their wedding party. We had a blast using the golf cart to travel between their cabins. As you’ll see in the photos below, they had a really great time with their friends. 

Our couple chose not to have a first look, so after the ceremony, we did family and wedding party photos. A couple of months before your wedding, we reach out to start drafting the photography timeline. At this time we’ll have you thinking about your family photo combinations. We bring that list with us on your wedding day. As photos are being taken, we cross off the combinations on the list. That way we keep ourselves organized and ensure we don’t miss anyone! 🙂 

Ok, let’s take a look at this beautiful Ogontz wedding, shall we? Take a look below and get ready to feel inspired by this beautiful camp-style wedding! 

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