Central Park Engagement Session, New England Wedding Photographer

New York in the Spring? Sign me up! J + J, who’ll be getting married in Connecticut this year, were totally down to a Central Park Engagement session this past April. And being that we love New York in the Spring, we were super down to meet them there for their session. 

While we’re no strangers to a fun time with our couples in the Big Apple, this was our first time doing an engagement session in Central Park, so we were pretty pumped. Spring in New York is fabulous - the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom and the park is bustling with fragrance and color! 

We met J + J at Cherry Hill at 6:30 pm, which is our preferred time to start our engagement sessions in the spring and summer months. From there we walked along the shore of the Central Park Lake (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir), stopping for photos with the iconic Eldorado Building in the background.  Not too far away is the beautiful Bow Bridge where we stopped for more photos as well, trying to dodge the crowd here and there. 

Then we made our way to Minton Tiles, where while pretty crowded, we managed to get some stunning photos of our couple. Finally, we ended at The Mall. This iconic spot has been featured in so many movies. It was so fun to end our session here! 

J + J are getting married this summer and we can’t wait to celebrate their special day with them at Chamard Vineyards. We had so much fun with them and you can totally tell that they had a great time as well. Our couples always ask what tips we have for the best experience at their engagement session. The secret is to have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. Be yourself and we’ll take care of the rest! Trust us and we’ll make magic together. Take a look at their photos and see it for yourself!

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