A Cliff-Side Elopement at Acadia National Park

In July of 2021, we ventured out to our favorite place in New England for an epic cliff-side elopement in Acadia National Park with A + B. They flew all the way from Florida to experience the magic that is Acadia. It certainly did not disappoint, despite being far from their original plan to marry in Scotland. 

July weather in Acadia is pretty perfect. You can expect mid-to-high 70s during the day and a bit cooler in the evening. It did rain quite a bit all day leading up to the ceremony. We were all ready to brave the rain and make the most of it. But as nature would have it, the rain stopped and we spent our entire afternoon in Acadia roaming around without any rain to bother us. 

A + B stayed at the Thornhedge Inn, where we met them for getting ready the morning of. This charming Bed & Breakfast is within walking distance from everything fun in Bar Harbor. You can walk to all shops and restaurants if you stay here, which is excellent. 

For the ceremony, they chose Schooner Head Overlook. Upon arriving at Schooner Head, we took the forestry path down, leading to the rocky coast. The views were magical. After the ceremony, we made our way to Monument Cove (about a 10-minute drive), where we did some seriously fun exploration of the area.

We ended our day at Jordan Pond, where we did a little more exploring and watched the sunset over us. A + B booked us for four hours. They wanted a low-key elopement, with all the focus being on their ceremony and their actual getting married. We were more than happy to accommodate their wish and ensure they got what they truly hoped for. So whether you’re looking for a more elaborate day full of hiking and exploration or a short adventure, we’re here to make it happen - you’re the boss! 

Take a look below to explore the beautiful photos of this incredible cliff-side elopement at Acadia National Park. And if you’re planning your own elopement in Acadia, we hope this helps and inspires you.

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