Boston Common Engagement Session

Hello there, friends! We recently had the pleasure of hanging out with I & H, who are gearing up for their summer wedding in beautiful Maine - Acadia National Park to be exact! During their recent visit to Maine, we crossed paths in Boston, and what followed was a delightful stroll through Boston Common and Beacon Hill – with a tasty twist at the end.

Our session kicked off in the iconic Boston Common, where the lush greenery and city backdrop set the stage for a laid-back photo session. We loved capturing their genuine smiles and easygoing vibes and as you can probably tell, they had a lot of fun. 

From there, we walked over to Beacon Hill, Boston's charming neighborhood that oozes history and character. Cobblestone streets and classic brownstones made for the perfect backdrop as I & H explored the picturesque surroundings. It was all about capturing the essence of Boston's unique charm in a way that felt authentic to them.

Now, let's talk pizza. We wrapped up our session at a local pizza parlor because who needs fancy dinners when you can have a good time over a cheesy slice? The laughter, the casual vibes, and the satisfaction of nailing those Beacon Hill shots – all over a pizza feast.

From Boston Common to Beacon Hill and the local pizza joint, I & H’s journey was captured in a way that felt comfortable, casual, and true to who they are. We love how their engagement session turned out and we know they did too! 

Stay tuned for more updates as we follow them to their Acadia wedding this summer. We're excited to see how their love story unfolds against the backdrop of Maine's natural beauty.

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