Beauport Hotel Wedding // Boston Wedding Photographer

Hey, party people! Grab a seat because we've got the lowdown on the coolest Beauport Hotel wedding. And guess what? We knew this crew from way back when we shot the bride's brother's wedding a few years ago. It’s always a treat when we get referred by family members or friends. It means we’ll typically have a chance to see former couples and their families. Which is great! 

We kicked things off with the most fun getting ready moments. The bride and groom had their crew getting ready with them and with champagne toasts, the celebration started early. Getting ready was followed by an emotional first look with the bride and dad and then the bride and brothers. Tears were shed, hugs were exchanged, and you could feel the love in the air. It was a real tearjerker that kicked off the day on the sweetest note.

As the night rolled on, our beautiful bride (whose last name is McDonald) had a little surprise up her sleeves. Late-night munchies from McDonald's itself! You heard it right – a cheeky nod to her last name that had everyone grinning. There's nothing like a box of fries and some nuggets to keep the party going.

J & B’s summer wedding at Beauport Hotel was the kind of bash dreams are made of. Laughter, love, and the perfect coastal venue. What more could you ask for? We left with memory cards filled with good times and hearts bursting with gratitude.

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