Acadia National Park Adventure Elopement

It’s no secret that we are slightly obsessed with Acadia National Park and nothing makes us happier than hearing from couples who want to do a adventure elopement here. We’ve spoken at length about Acadia and have shared related advice to help couples with planning. Today we are thrilled to share Lydia and Rory’s elopement in this beautiful setting that was Acadia over the July 4th week.

When Rory and Lydia first reached out to us, they let us know that they were coming from Pittsburgh on their motorcycle with just enough for a month adventure on the road! Yep, we thought that was pretty cool too. They were unsure what would be the best spot for their ceremony and trusted us to create the perfect timeline for them as well as select the perfect spots for portraits and the ceremony.

First we met them at the lovely little cottage that they were staying in for getting ready pictures. We also snapped some really emotional photos as they read letters from their loved ones who weren’t there with them. Upon getting ready we left for Acadia, where we spent the early hours of the evening through sunset. Being that they love the coast, they decided to explore the East side of the park. We parked our car along Ocean Path and explored this scenic trail to Boulder Beach for some pre-ceremony portraits. Then we headed over to Monument Cove to meet with the officiant for the ceremony. We ended the day with a fun sendoff that included Lydia and Rory riding into the Maine Coast sunset on their motorcycle. Fun detail: they made the “Just Married” sign you see on the back of their motorcycle. Where were they headed, you ask? Bar Harbor for a lovely lobster dinner, of course!

Read on to get inspired by this beautiful elopement in the magical place that is Acadia!

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